Seismological Society of Japan


10 月 10 日(水)A 会場 午後
S23. 地震活動とその物理S23-08 誘発地震 b 値のせん断応力依存性
椋平祐輔・伊藤高敏(東北大流体研)・Michael C. Fehler(ERL, MIT)・浅沼宏(産総研)・Markus O. Häring(GEL)

I had a presentation at Seismological Society of Japan, 2018 annual meeting in Fukushima.
S23. Dependency of the injection induced seismicity b-value on the stress state of existing fractures
Y. Mukuhira, T. Ito (Tohoku Univ.), Michael C. Fehler (MIT), H. Asanuma(AIST), and M.O. Häring(GEL)