We had several oral and poster presentations at ICFD 2019. Also we invited Dr. Xiaodong Ma from ETH Zurich and he presented the our collaborative research progress.

CRF-4: Application of Core-based Inversion to Reconstruct Stress Field in an Underground Geoscience Laboratory
X. Ma, Y. Mukuhira, T. Ito

CRF-5: Validation of Fracture Permeability Estimated by Integrated Approach of Microseismic Observations and Reservoir Engineering Modeling
M. Yang, Y. Mukuhira, J. H. Norbeck, J. L. Rubinstein

CRF-R3: Link Between Tracer and Microseismic Analysis to Comprehensive Understanding of Hydraulic Feature of Fractured Geothermal Reservoir
A. Suzuki, Y. Mukuhira, R. N. Horne, A. Abe, A. J. Howkins, T. Ishibashi, P. K. Kang