Ph.D. Hike day 2016/09/17 @Hayachine Mt. 早池峰山RIMG0110

Mt. Hayachine (早池峰山) locates in the Kitakami range and is the highest mountain in the range. She is non-volcano mountain, which is very rare in Tohoku area in Japan. She has been originated by the upright of accretionary prism. So, the major part of her is made by serpentine. The trail was so slippy since serpentinite includes water in its composition.

Our party was consisted by one geophysicist (me), one geologist Ph.D. student (Ryosuke Oyanagi) and ceramic material scientist (Dr. Keiji Shiga). As you know, hike with geologists is fun but sometimes hike turnes to be filed trip. Unfortunately, geophysicist and geologist had started discussion on fracture and fluid flow, our ceramic material scientist became sacrifice of our interests.